Polyurethane Flexible Tubing

Polyurethane flexible tubing is available in sizes from 1/16" to 1" inside diameter. This pure polyurethane tubing, manufactured by Finger Lakes Extrusion, Inc., in ether and ester formulations is recommended for use with high-purity applications, instrumentation and handling of petroleum-based products.

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Key Properties
  • Flexible at Low Temperatures
  • High Resistance to Tearing and Abrasion
  • Resistant to Atmospheric Ozone
  • Complies with FDA CFR 21 for Food Packaging
  • Pure Polyurethane; Contains No Plasticizers and Low Levels of Extractables

Other Forms: Sheet & Rod

Contact Aetna Plastics for pricing. OEM and quantity breaks available.


Ether-PUR FLEX 84 Tubing

Ether-PUR FLEX 84 tubing is an ether-based clear and flexible tubing with superior resistance to hydrolytic degradation compared to Ester-PUR FLEX 85. This high impact-resistant tubing is also recommended for use with distilled, deionized, demineralized or reverse osmosis-treated water and aqueous solutions.

Case Qty: 100 ft. or 50 ft. (Depending on diameter)

Product Information: Ether-PUR FLEX 84 Tubing (PDF)

Ester-PUR FLEX 85 Tubing

Ester-PUR FLEX 85 tubing is an ester-based flexible tubing. It is resistant to atmospheric ozone, aliphatic hydrocarbons and petroleum products. Additional applications are for fuel lines, cable jacketing and gas sampling lines. Ester-PUR FLEX 85 tubing is NOT recommended for use with aqueous solutions.

Case Qty: 100 ft. or 50 ft. (Depending on diameter)

Product Information: Ester-PUR FLEX 85 Tubing (PDF)

Ester-PUR FLEX 85 tubing may be compatible with Tygothane*.

*Registered trademark of Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics

More information is available on the Finger Lakes tubing website.