Aetna Plastics Re-Releases 1980's Ad Campaign

In the late 1980's Aetna Plastics ran one of it's most successful ad campaigns to date. The campaign, which consisted of 8 different mailers, combined art and comedy to highlight the company's competitive advantages. With the tagline 'The Aetna Edge', the mailers were sent out to companies in the region to promote the business.

Today, 25+ years after they were originally distributed, Aetna is bringing those ads back with the help of our social media sites. Each Thursday for the next seven weeks we will be posting one of the ads from that campaign to our four social media sites: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus. Click the links in this post, or at the top of our website, to go to the social media site of your choice. For a shortcut, use the hashtag #TheAetnaEdge.

Here is a look at the first ad, which was posted today...

Check back each Thursday to see the next ad from the campaign, and in between, if you would like to witness 'The Aetna Edge' firsthand, give us a call or send us an email.

We look forward to working with you.

-The Aetna Plastics Team