WIRE-Net changes name to Manufacturing Works as part of 30th anniversary

No longer will John Colm need to explain that his non-profit organization, WIRE-Net, doesn't deal with telecommunications or extra-strength hair spray.

The economic development organization WIRE-Net is changing its name to Manufacturing Works to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

The new name better communicates the non-profit's aim of fostering workforce development and knowledge sharing in the manufacturing sector, said Colm, who is founding president and executive director.

"We all recognized it was something we needed to do," he said about the name change, which was announced in a statement Thursday.

Manufacturing Works started as the West Side Industrial Retention and Expansion Network, then used WIRE-Net as its scope expanded beyond Cleveland's West Side, Colm said.

The organization thought about a name change in the past, but finally took the leap to coincide with the anniversary, and Colm's upcoming retirement in January. He will be 65 in October. His retirement was announced earlier this year.

The organization shares its expertise in supply chain development, governmental assistance programs and urban redevelopment with a network of 350 Northeast Ohio businesses that employ more than 20,000 workers.

Check out their new website to see what Manufacturing Works is all about !