Long the standard by which all other transparent plastics are measured, acrylic sheet materials have served the needs of many industries for decades. Acrylics offer clarity, optical quality, long life and ease of fabrication in a wide variety of sizes, thicknesses and colors. Sheet, rod and tube are produced via casting or extrusion technologies, depending on the size or volume of product involved. Acrylics are available in specialized formulations or configurations to meet the needs of unique applications. Mar-resistant, impact strength enhanced and static dissipative products are examples of coatings or additives available for acrylics. Typical applications include point of purchase displays, signs, skylights, windows, safety guards and name plates to name a few.

Key Properties
  • Outstanding Clarity
  • High Resistance to UV light
  • Availability Range
  • Economical
  • Ease of Fabrication
Standard Shapes and Forms

Sheet: .030" - 4" thick

Other Forms: Rod and Tube - see Acrylic under Engineering Plastics

The range of sizes and shapes are product specific, please contact us for more information.

Cell Cast Acrylic Products


These general purpose acrylic sheets are cell-cast sheets made to exacting standards. They offer excellent optical characteristics, thickness tolerances, light stability and low internal stress levels for consistent performance. General purpose acrylic sheets are available in thicknesses from .060" to 2" and in more than 40 standard colors. They are also available with a non-glare and matte surface. Lightweight, weatherable, chemical resistant, rigidity and ease of fabrication make general purpose acrylic sheets ideal for exhibits and displays, signs, decorative paneling and display cases.

Download the Acrylite GP Material Data Sheet.pdf


Acrylite® GP P-95 acrylic sheet offers transparent clarity when in direct contact with objects. Ideal for signs and displays, its matte finish reduces reflected light. It is available in colorless, translucent and custom colors. Acrylite® GP DP-9 acrylic sheet offers matte finish on two sides.


Acrylite® OP-1 acrylic sheet offers high UV transmission and is useful for scientific applications.


Acrylite® OP-2 and Polycast UF-96 acrylic sheets are ultraviolet light-filtering cell-cast sheets. These weatherable acrylic sheets filter 98% of all UV light that passes through. Acrylite® OP-2 and Polycast UF-96 are commonly used in museums to protect old documents and artifacts from the harmful effects of UV rays.


Acrylite® OP-4 & Solacryl® SUVT acrylic sheets transmit ultraviolet light, are easily cleaned and warm to touch. Do not use liquids containing alcohol when cleaning. Applications include tanning beds and zoo glazing.

Download the Acrylite OP-4 Material Data Sheet.pdf


Acrylite® GAR and Polycast SAR acrylic sheets are coated on one or both sides to offer 45 times the abrasion resistance of uncoated sheet. Their superior resistance to abrasion and chemicals, including commercial cleaners, makes them suited for numerous applications, including hockey rinks, museum cases, bus and subway windows and architectural glazing.


Acrylite® GAR OP-2 acrylic sheet offers UV filtering in addition to abrasion and chemical resistance. An available protective coating on one or both surfaces makes it ideal for museum applications.

Other Available Products:

Acrylite® GP FL, Exotic Edge Acrylite® GP, Pastel Ice Acrylite® GP, E-color Acrylite® GP, Acrylite® GP FLW, Acrylite® GP FL

Extruded Acrylic Products


Acrylite® FF acrylic sheet is a continuously manufactured acrylic sheet. It is produced by an innovative process, resulting in an acrylic sheet offering the easy handling and processing of extruded acrylic sheet, along with the high optical characteristics and low stress levels expected of cast products. Acrylite® FF acrylic sheet carries an exclusive 10-year limited warranty on light transmission. Acrylite® FF sheet will withstand exposure to blazing sun, extreme cold, sudden temperature changes, salt water spray, etc. It will not deteriorate after many years of service because of the inherent stability of acrylic resins. Acrylite® FF sheet has excellent resistance to many chemicals including solutions of inorganic alkalis such as ammonia, dilute acids such as sulfuric acid up to a concentration of 30% and aliphatic hydrocarbons such as hexane and VM&P naphtha. Typical applications include skylights, signs, window glazing/frames, picture framing, store or P.O.P. displays and optical displays.

Download the Acrylite FF Material Data Sheet.pdf

Download the Acrylite FF Thickness & Tolerance.pdf


Acrylite® FF-3 picture framing grade acrylic sheet is the highest quality acrylic sheet available for the framing market. Continuously manufactured using a proprietary process, Acrylite® FF-3 framing grade sheet is guaranteed to be defect free.


Acrylite® FF P-99 acrylic sheet has a matte finish, non-glare surface that can be painted or silk screened.


Acrylite® OP-3 acrylic sheet filters 98% U.V. light. Its light-weight, superior impact resistance and ease of fabrication make it an ideal choice for framing articles of value. Acrylite® OP-3 sheet is also available with a matte finish to reduce glare.

Download the Acrylite OP-3 Material Data Sheet.pdf


Acrylite® OP-3 P-99 acrylic sheet offers UV light filtering and a non-glare surface for picture framing and signage.

Optix Acrylic Sheet

Optix is a continuously processed acrylic sheet that is crystal clear, impact resistant and weather resistant (non-yellowing). It offers high molecular weight for superior thermoforming and bending and flame polishing. Optix is available in a variety of colors such as smoke, bronze, black and white. Typical applications include displays, skylights, signage, sunrooms, P.O.P. and awnings.

Download the Optix Material Data Sheet.pdf

Other Available Products:

Acrylite® AR, Acrylite® AR OP-3, Acrylite® FF Crystal Ice, Acrylite® FFV, Acrylite® FFX, Acrylite® FXS, Acrylite Plus®

Aerospace Grade Acrylic Products


Acrylite® 249 acrylic sheet is an aerospace grade cross-linked acrylic sheet which is superior to conventional acrylic sheet in craze resistance, heat resistance and water absorption. Acrylite® 249 sheet is certified to Military Specification MIL P-8184F as a Type II, Class 2 material. Acrylite® 249 sheet is used in a wide variety of aerospace and ground vehicle transparencies in monolithic or laminated form.

Download the Acrylite 249 Material Data Sheet.pdf


Acrylite® GMS acrylic sheet is manufactured using equipment reserved for aerospace acrylic products. The sheet is preshrunk and undergoes an optical inspection which is among the most critical in the industry. Acrylite® GMS is certified to Military Specification MIL P-5425E. Acrylite® GMS sheet applications include instrument panels, wingtip lenses, dust covers, helicopter bubbles and aircraft canopies.


Acrylite® GMU acrylic sheet is designed for general aviation and helicopter glazing applications. It is superior to standard cell cast acrylic sheet in both optical quality and thickness tolerance. Acrylite® GMU sheet is certified to Military Specification MIL LP-391(MIL P-8184F and MIL P-5425E).


Spartech Poly A is the standard unshrunk acrylic manufactured to a visual and optical specification. It comes in clear as well as transparent colors. Applications include non-critical glazing for commercial helicopters and sport planes.

Download the Spartech Aerospace Grade Material Data Sheet.pdf


Spartech Poly II is the most versatile material for aircraft glazing. This methyl methacrylate polymer is preshrunk vertically or horizontally. Properties are improved resistance to weathering and aging. It meets or exceeds all requirements of MIL-P-5425. Applications span the entire spectrum of the marketplace, ranging from wing-tip lenses to edge-lit panels.

Download the Spartech Aerospace Grade Material Data Sheet.pdf


Spartech Poly 76 is a crosslinked, preshrunk acrylic with excellent resistance to crazing, solvent attacks and thermal dimensional change. Meets or exceeds all requirements of MIL-P-8184, Type I, Class I. Applications include both military and commercial aircraft.

Download the Spartech Aerospace Grade Material Data Sheet.pdf


Spartech Poly 84 is a uniquely formulated, crosslinked, preshrunk acrylic specifically designed to provide superior craze and solvent resistance. Improvements such as lower water absorption and increased resistance to acids expand the number of “as cast” applications. It meets or exceeds all requirements of MIL-P-8184, Type II, Class 2. Poly 84 is also available as a stretchable grade. It offers qualities of the standard Poly 84 plus the superior cleanliness and processing required to yield a high quality billet for stretching. Applications include monolithic windscreens, outer laminates and canopies.

Download the Spartech Aerospace Grade Material Data Sheet.pdf

Additional Acrylic Products

Bullet-Resistant Acrylic

Acrylite® GP 1.25" and Polycast MP 1.25" acrylic sheets have a higher clarity than glass or polycarbonate. They have an optical clarity of 92% light transmission and only .7% haze factor and weigh 48% less than glass of the same U.L. rating. To fabricate shapes, they can be heated and formed and also drilled, machined, sawed or polished. Because they are U.L. 752 certified as level 1 bullet-resistant material, indoor and outdoor, for use against small-power arms, they have many applications. Some of those applications are teller, gasoline or cashier stations, taxicab partitions, police stations, store windows and computer installations. Level 2 and Level 3 certified bullet-resistant acrylic sheets are also available.

Download the Polycast Bullet-Resistant Acrylic Material Data Sheet.pdf

Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Half the weight of plate, Acrylic Mirror is shatter resistant with extensive design flexibility. It can be cut straight edged or into curved shapes by sawing and can also be machined or drilled. Acrylic Mirror is highly reflective with all sheets protected on the front surface with clear film or paper masking. Acrylic Mirror comes in a wide variety of colors and is available in both extruded and cast.

“See-Thru” Acrylic Mirror

“See-Thru”, sometimes called two-way mirror, is a semi-transparent film of aluminum deposited on an acrylic or polycarbonate substrate. This allows a percentage of incident light to pass through while reflecting the remainder. From the illuminated side it is a mirror and from the darkened side it becomes transparent. “See-Thru” has been used successfully in monitoring and surveillance operations in such places as stores, correctional and psychiatric institutions, hospitals, and casinos. “See-Thru” is also used to make infinity lights and multiple image devices. It can be used in advertising and for special theatrical props and effects.

Download the See-Thru Mirror Material Data Sheet.pdf

Other Available Acrylic Products:

Lucite SAR II (Abrasion Resistant)

For additional information and available sizes of Acrylics, please contact Aetna Plastics at 1-800-634-3074