Molded - Containment Basins

Containment basins were designed as durable barriers between storage tanks and the environment. Spills, leaks and overflows of primary containment tanks can be hazardous and costly, as well as break stringent rules and regulations of federal, state and local agencies. Containment basins can help ease your mind and protect the environment.

Generally made of high density polyethylene, these tanks are essentially secondary open top square or cylindrical tanks. Placing your tank inside one of these basins will help protect its surroundings if the primary tank were to leak, break, or overflow.

Standard Sizes

80 gallons to 8,750 gallons

Sizes and materials are brand specific. Click on a manufacturer below for available products. Please contact Aetna Plastics for pricing information.

For a Resin Selection Guide and Typical Properties, go to our Molded Plastic Tanks page.



  • Size Range: 385 to 8,750 gallons
  • Materials: HDPE

  • Size Range: 140 to 2,800 gallons
  • Materials: HDPE
Poly Processing

  • Size Range: 80 to 1,850 gallons
  • Materials: HPDE, XLPE