Compressed Air Piping - Duraplus™

Duraplus™ Airline is a pressurized piping system made from high-impact, ductile ABS, and specially engineered for conveying compressed air and inert gases. It's leak-free, energy efficient design keeps clean air clean and delivers maximum pressure at the point of use.

In addition to its high-integrity solvent cement joints, Duraplus™ Airline systems include a variety of features that simplify installation and use - such as special metal-to-ABS adapter fittings, single- and multi-port wall brackets and blue color coding for easy identification. Available in sizes from 1/2" (20 mm) to 4" (110 mm), pressure rated to 185 psi at 73°F.

Key Properties
  • Leak-Free
  • Energy Efficient
  • Low Installation Cost
  • Wide Range of Applications
  • Easily Identifiable Color
Standard Pipe and Fittings Sizes

Pipe: 1/2” – 4”

Fittings: 1/2" - 4"