Tanks - Fiberglass (FRP)

Fiber reinforced plastic (FRP), is a thermosetting plastic strengthened with fiber strand and/or fabric reinforcements to provide a strong, corrosion resistant matrix. FRP is also extremely abrasion and impact resistant. Fiberglass tanks can be made in a wide range of sizes and shapes and are ideal for the safe storage of water and chemicals.

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Types of Fiberglass Tanks

Flat Bottom- The most commonly used tanks in the industry, flat bottom tanks are the most cost effective way to store product.

Slope Bottom- The sloped bottom allows for a total drain of the tank. Requires a support pad.

Cone Bottom- If complete drainage of the tank is required, cone bottoms offer the best solution. These tanks require a tank stand.

Dish Bottom- These tank offer near complete drainage. Dish bottom tanks are the most cost effective choice when head pressure is required at the output.

Horizontal- Horizontal tanks are a great choice when floor space is not an issue and head room is at a minimum.

Double Wall- Double wall tanks provide extra safety and piece-of-mind with high reliability and early detection in the event of a leak.

Authorized Dealer

Aetna Plastics is an authorized dealer of fiberglass tanks manufactured by Design Tanks. To view their catalog, click on the the following link: Design Tanks Catalog (PDF)