Tanks - Flexible Liners

Flexible drop-in liners can be a cost efficient alternative to painted, bonded and applied coatings. They offer optimal mechanical and chemical properties that protect your valuable tank and insure a long life for your assets. Liners are formulated from high-quality resins and are available for plating and finishing tanks, chemical tanks, water tanks and more.

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Material Grades
  • High Performance PVC - For low ph solutions
  • General Purpose PVC - For moderate solutions
  • Koroseal® (PVC) - For high temperature solutions
  • PTFE (fluoroplastic) - For extremely high temperature solutions
Advantages of using Tank Liners
  • Provide corrosion resistance to new tanks
  • Extend service life of old tanks
  • Line concrete containment areas
  • Sized to your specifications
  • Minimal tank preparation prior to installation
  • Installed quicker and easier than other coating systems