LDPE Flexible Tubing

Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) tubing is available in sizes from 1/8" to 3/4" inside diameter. This semi-rigid tubing, manufactured by Finger Lakes Extrusion, Inc., has excellent chemical and temperature resistance for food/beverage and chemical transfer. Available in natural (translucent) or black.

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Key Properties
  • Semi-Rigid

  • Low in Extractables

  • Complies with FDA CFR 21 for Food Packaging

  • Offers a Wide Range of Working Temperatures

  • Resistant to a Broad Range of Chemicals

Other LDPE Forms: Sheet & Rod, Pipe & Fittings

Contact Aetna Plastics for pricing. OEM and quantity breaks available.


PolyFLEX 50 LDPE Tubing

PolyFLEX 50 LDPE natural (translucent) tubing is a flexible, yet semi-rigid product that works well for chemical lines, food/beverage transfer and instrumentation.

Case Qty: 100 ft., 500 ft., or 50 ft. (Depending on diameter)

Product Information: PolyFLEX 50 LDPE Tubing (PDF)

PolyFLEX 50B LDPE Tubing

PolyFLEX 50B LDPE tubing is the same formulation as PolyFLEX 50, except in black color. Therefore it is more resistant to UV radiation than natural tubing and it does not promote algae growth. PolyFLEX 50B is recommended for use outdoors or with light-sensitive media.

Case Qty: 100 ft.

Product Information: PolyFLEX 50 LDPE Tubing (PDF)

More information is available on the Finger Lakes tubing website.