Turcite® is an internally lubricated, acetal-based material (with properties similar to those of Delrin AF) designed for applications with demanding wear and friction requirements. Turcite® creates little friction, is heat and chemical resistant, and exhibits excellent wear characteristics. With its low water absorption, parts made from Turcite® retain their integrity throughout their life span.

Key Properties
  • Self-lubricating
  • No stick-slip
  • Heat, wear and chemical resistant
  • Long service life
Standard Shapes and Forms

Turcite® A: 1/4" - 6" diameter

Turcite® X: 1/4" - 3-1/2" diameter

Turcite® B Slydway: See Size Chart under Technical Specifications

The range of sizes and shapes are grade specific, please contact us for more information.

Grades and Colors

Turcite® A

Turcite® A is designed for moderate to heavy loads at moderate speeds. It performs well under vibratory and dynamic loading and is easily machined. Turcite® A has an outstanding service life, a continuous maximum service temperature of 180° F and higher wear-resistance than Turcite® X. Color is blue and it is available in rod only.

Turcite® X

Turcite® X was engineered low load, high speed applications. Is has a long service life and an exceptionally low coefficient of friction. Minimal hygroscopic characteristics and low thermal expansion properties make Turcite® X a structurally stable material. It has a continuous maximum service temperature of 180° F but lower wear-resistance than Turcite® A. Color is red and it is available in rod only.

Turcite®-B Slydway®

Turcite®-B Slydway® is a low friction linear bearing strip material for use, primarily, on the ways and gibs of machine tools. It provides low friction, stick-slip free operation, long life and minimum wear. Turcite®-B Slydway® is applied using a two part epoxy resin after cleaning and degreasing the bare metal surface thoroughly. Turcite®-B Slydway® is dimensionally stable, maintenance free and can be operated with or without lubrication.