UHMW Profiles and Wear Strip

UHMW can be extruded into a limitless variation of custom profiles to suit your needs. Typical Tivar UHMW parts and include: UHMW Guide Rails, UHMW Chain Guides, UHMW Wear Strips, UHMW Pulleys, UHMW Chain Tensioners & other custom profiles. An excellent general-purpose material, TIVAR 1000 (natural) is a cost-effective solution for food handling problems, and meets FDA, USDA and 3-A Dairy guidelines for food processing and handling. Quadrant also offers custom colors compounded with FDA/USDA approved pigments, which meet FDA and USDA guidelines for food processing and handling. Whether your business is grain, pharmaceuticals, pizza dough or frozen poultry, TIVAR material will reliably move your materials and products.

Key Benefits
  • UHMW wearstrips are easy to install and offer superior life for conveyor belts, chains and other moving machinery or products
  • UHMW can reduce noise levels up to 50%
  • UHMW is 1/8 the weight of steel, but can outwear 3:1 for most conveyor applications.
  • UHMW is sanitary and self-lubricating

Download Tivar® Profile Brochure for Standard Shapes and Sizes

Other Forms: Sheet, Rod, Tube