Acid Waste Piping - CPVC

LabWaste™ CPVC Corrosive Waste Drainage System

LabWaste™ CPVC Corrosive Waste Drainage System is a complete system of pipe, fittings & adapters specifically designed for waste chemical use. One of the key advantages of this system is its excellent resistance to a broad range of corrosive environments. CPVC is inert to most mineral acids, bases, salts and aliphatic hydrocarbons, and compares favorably to other non-metals in these chemical environments.

Solvent cement welding, a proven joining method reliably used for over 50 years, requires no special tools, no costly fusion equipment, and provides a solid, chemically bonded joint for easy installation, repairs or alterations. Most importantly, solvent cement joints end problems typical of polypropylene system installation, such as mechanical connector pullout, internal fusion wire corrosion and cumbersome fusion joining methods. LabWaste™ Piping Systems are tested and certified for use in corrosive waste systems by NSF International, tested to IAPMO IGC 210 and ICC-ES AC252 for CPVC chemical waste systems.

Key Properties
  • Excellent Resistance to Corrosive Environments
  • Custom Fabricated Accessories
  • One-Step Solvent Cement Installation
  • ULC Flame & Smoke Rated
  • Non-Pressure Drainage Service to 220°F
Standard Pipe and Fittings Sizes

Pipe: 1 1/2" – 12”

Fittings: 1 1/2" – 12”

Custom sizes are available, please contact Aetna Plastics for more information