Double Containment Piping - Asahi/America

Double Containment Piping systems are engineered to protect our eco-system from the dangers of exposed aggressive chemicals. In order to be in compliance, systems must be double contained, have automated leak detection for pressurized systems, have at least manual leak detection for drainage systems and have outer containment able to retain media transport for a minimum of 30 days. Hazardous chemicals should be protected from escape in areas where there are chemicals transported above work stations, or any other potential safety hazards due to exposure to the media. Specialty fittings and components, such as access ports, low point stations and valve boxes, are available to enhance the double containment system. In addition to the systems from Asahi/America, Aetna Plastics can also provide custom systems in other plastic materials including Polypropylene, PVDF, Halar®, CPVC and Fiberglass.

Key Properties
  • Eco-Friendly

  • Ideal for Hazardous Chemical Transport

  • Dual-Layered Protection

  • Prefabrication Optional

  • Annular Space for Leak Detection

Standard Pipe and Fittings Sizes

Pipe & Fittings: 1/2"x2" - 16"x20"


Duo-Pro® (PP, PVDF & E-CTFE Systems)

Introduced in 1987, Duo-Pro® is the most widely used pipe of its kind in the market, with over 1000 successful running systems. Duo-Pro offers maximum versatility to meet the unique requirements of each individual application. The carrier and containment pipes may be of different materials. This mix and match feature allows system designers to specify pipe material and ratings based on media and pressure changes throughout an entire system.

Duo-Pro® is available in polypropylene, PVDF, and Halar®. Leak detection cable can be easily installed in sizes 3x6 and higher. Larger sizes and special configurations are available on request. Duo-Pro® is designed for industrial and process waste lines as well as pressurized transfer lines. Pharmaceutical and semiconductor plants, steel mills and plating shops are typical customers.

Poly-Flo® (PP & HDPE Systems)

Poly-Flo® is of unitary construction, extruded by a patented process, in sizes 1x2, 2x3, and 4x6, in polypropylene and HDPE. Poly-Flo® is relatively inexpensive and extremely easy to cut and weld. Patented double O-ring flanges allow Poly-Flo® systems to be efficiently pre-assembled, and then easily bolted into place in the field. Poly-Flo® pipe's low cost and easy installation make it unbeatable for applications such as small laboratory drainage systems and pressurized transfer lines. Typical installations are in waste treatment, sulfuric acid or caustic soda; in chemical processing applications, for bulk storage chemicals such as sodium hydroxide and aluminum nitrate; and in semiconductor plants, handling sulfuric, nitric, and hydrofluoric acids for wet stations.

Pro-Lock™ (PVC & CPVC Systems)

The newest addition to Asahi/America's Double Containment product line is the Pro-Lock™ PVC Double Containment Piping System. Available in PVC in a variety of sizes & wall thickness options, the Pro-Lock™ provides a cost- effective piping material with sound engineering design to create a reliable double-wall system.

Fluid-Lok™ (HDPE System)

The Fluid-Lok™ HDPE double containment piping system is available in high- density polyethylene in the widest variety of sizes and wall thickness options. Fluid-Lok™ provides a cost-effective piping material with sound engineering design to create a reliable HDPE double-wall system for environmental protection.

Leak Detection (Continuous & Low Point Systems)

In underground, pressurized double containment systems, EPA guidelines require that systems be automatically monitored for leaks. We offer two state- of-the-art leak detection systems; PAL-AT™, a continuous leak detection cable system that can also incorporate low point probes; and Liquid Watch™, a flexible, modular low point system based on inline probes.