PVC & CPVC Fume Duct Systems

PVC & CPVC extruded duct, available in 2" through 24" diameters, provides long- lasting, cost-effective solutions for industrial and institutional corrosive fume exhaust and drain applications.

PVC duct is resistant to most acids, bases, salts, aliphatic solutions, oxidants, and halogens, making it ideal for corrosive applications at temperatures up to 140°. CPVC duct has exceptionally low flame-spread and smoke-generation properties, and maximum service temperatures of up to 200°, making it ideal for many aggressive environments.

Fabricated PVC & CPVC duct systems are available in either round or square configurations in sizes up to 60". Aetna Plastics can also supply exhaust hoods and fume blowers through our Fabrication Division.

Other materials of construction include Polypropylene and FRP.

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Key Properties
  • Exceptional chemical resistance to a broad spectrum of corrosive fumes, gases and fluids

  • Seamless, large-diameter extrusions provide consistent surface smoothness, uniformity and dimensional stability

  • Light-weight eases fabrication, handling, and installation - reducing installation costs

  • Long system service life

  • Lower overall installed cost