High-Purity Piping - Low Extractable (Formerly Known as LXT®)

Ultra-pure water demands an ultra-pure piping system. The Spears® Low Extractable ultra-pure water system (formerly distributed by Harvel as LXT®) has been engineered to ensure your high-purity piping system meets the highest standards while offering cost-effective performance. It can be utilized in multiple industries for ultra-pure water applications including deionized, reverse osmosis and distilled high-purity water. Spears® Low Extractable piping is made from an innovative clean PVC compound that has been specifically formulated to reduce leachable contamination when exposed to ultra-pure water environments. The complete line of high-purity water pipe, fittings and valves meets the toxicological requirements of NSF International Standard 61 as being safe for use in potable water applications, and also complies with the provisions of Title 21 of the United States FDA Code of Federal Regulations as being safe for use in food contact applications. Spears® Low Extractable PVC is ideal for semiconductor, electronic, biotechnology, healthcare, university and laboratory industries.

Key Properties
  • Extremely Low Extractable Contaminants, Particularly Trace Metals and Total Oxidizable Carbon (TOC)

  • One-Step Solvent-Cementing Installation System

  • Unique Blue Translucency Allows Visual Joint Integrity Inspection

  • Ultra-Smooth Interior Pipe Surface Minimizes the Potential for Bacterial Growth and Particle Generation

  • Rigid Schedule 80 Dimensions for Pressure Service Requires Fewer Supports than Flexible Plastic Systems

Standard Pipe and Fittings Sizes

Pipe & Fittings: 1/2" - 6" IPS Schedule 80