Marine Grade HDPE (Seaboard™, Starboard®, Marine Board™)

Marine grade HDPE is formulated to meet the specific requirements of marine and other outdoor environments. Special postproduction treatment enhances its ability to withstand the effects of salt water, moisture, and direct sunlight. Like regular HDPE, this material exhibits high impact strength as well as excellent tensile strength, energy absorption, abrasion resistance, and resistance to stress cracks. In addition to its resistance to marine and other outdoor conditions, Marine grade HDPE has a decorative, textured surface that does not show wear, dirt, or scratches and is available in a variety of colors. Marine grade HDPE is manufactured as a continuous extrusion; therefore, it is guaranteed not to delaminate during the service-life of the end-product. It also meets FDA approval for direct food contact.

Key Properties
  • Withstands the effects of saltwater and direct sunlight
  • High impact and tensile strength
  • Abrasion and stress-crack resistant
  • Decorative, textured surface
  • FDA approved for direct food contact
Standard Shapes and Forms

Sheet: .250” – 1” thick

The range of sizes and shapes are grade specific. Minimums may apply. Please contact us for more information.

Grades and Colors

Polar white, black, Craft gray, Mercury gray, Sandshade & Seafoam