Nalgene Open Top Tanks

Nalgene (Saint-Gobain) high-performance tanks are some of the toughest in the industry. Exacting CAD-based designs, the highest quality virgin resins and tough construction provide excellent solutions for general purpose applications. The tanks are translucent and feature molded-in graduations.

Each tank comes with a matching cover the same thickness as the wall. The open-top unit covers fit like a shoe box; bolted or welded covers are available upon request.

Nalgene open-top tanks are rated for use with 1.8 specific gravity media. If a fiberglass casing is used, the rating goes up to 2.2. Casings provide structural support and prevent bulging at the bottom of the tank. They should be used with rectangular units with any dimension greater than 18 inches. Casings are also required for use with media having a specific gravity greater than 1.8 or for use at prolonged elevated temperatures.

Stands, mixers, and casings have been pre-engineered for compatibility. Simply choose your tank size and the size codes of the accessories will match.

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Open Top Tanks

Cylindrical Flat Bottom

  • Size Range: 5 to 1,000 gallons
  • Materials: HDPE, XLPE, PP and PVDF

Rectangular/Square Flat Bottom

  • Size Range: 2 to 500 gallons
  • Materials: HDPE, XLPE, PP and PVDF
Cylindrical Cone Bottom

  • Size Range: 10 to 500 gallons
  • Materials: HDPE, XLPE, PP and PVDF