Poly Processing Open Top Tanks

Poly Processing Company manufactures large high density crosslinked polyethylene open top tanks, which offer both the IMFO® full drain system and the OR-1000™ oxidation resistant system.

The IMFO®, or Integrally Molded Flanged Outlet, full drain tank provides a margin of safety and for your employees and operations. Made from high density crosslinked polyethylene, the IMFO's® seamless, one-piece design is a cost effective solution that promotes longer tank life. The IMFO® system's full drain feature improves process efficiency by reducing the frequency of cleanings and alleviates employee confined space entry.

Poly Processing's cost effective OR-1000™ storage system provides unmatched chemical resistance that promotes even longer tank life. This engineered oxidation resistant system delivers four times the anti-oxidants to the interior surface of our high density crosslinked polyethylene tanks to provide our customers with several years of excellent service.

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Product Info and Chemical Specifications

Open Top Tanks

Cylindrical Flat Bottom
  • Size Range: 155 to 14,650 gallons
  • Materials: HDPE and XLPE