Three Companies in One...

One company for all of your distribution and fabrication needs—Industrial Plastics, Process Piping Systems, and Fabrication Services.

Aetna Plastics has 70 years of industrial plastics experience. We distribute a complete line of industrial plastics materials and plastic piping systems to customers worldwide. In addition, our Fabrication Division designs and fabricates custom plastic products.

What is your application?

Aetna Plastics trained sales personnel can assist you in the proper material selection for your application. Our industrial plastics material offerings include sheet and plate, rod, tubular bar and strip. These materials can be precision cut to custom sizes to meet your specific needs. Aetna Plastics also distributes a wide range of fluid and air handling products including piping systems, valves and controls and tanks. If you require a custom application, our Fabrication Division has the capability to design and produce custom fabricated products. Our plastic welders are ASTM C1147 and DVS (German Welding Society) certified to provide quality assurance.

Aetna Plastics offers three distinct business groups: Plastic Distribution, Plastic Piping Systems and Fabrication. Our massive inventory of industrial plastic materials includes CPVC / Corzan®, Fibergrate®, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PVC, PVDF / Kynar®, ABS, Acetal / Delrin®, Phenolic, Nylon, PET-P / Ertalyte®, Lexan®, Tivar®, UHMW, Kel-F® / Neoflon®, Halar®, Tefzel®, FEP, Fluorosint®, PFA, PTFE Glass Fabric, PTFE, Acrylic, Vivak®, Makrolon®, Rexolite®, Hydlar®, Mykroy / Mycalex®, Hydex®, Torlon®, Celazole®, Ultem®, PEEK, Noryl®, Ryton®, Radel®, Polysulfone, Sanalite®, MagnaGrip, Chemgrip®, Starboard® / Seaboard®, Thermoplastic Welding Equipment and much more. Also check out our Technical Specifications page.

Aetna Plastics carries the following process piping systems and many more; Acid Waste Systems, Chem Proline, Clear PVC Piping, Compressed Air Piping / Air-Pro, Duraplus, Duratec®, Double Containment Systems, LXT®, Fusibond and Thermoplastic PVC / CPVC / Halar® / Polypropylene / Kynar® / TFE Piping Systems. We also carry Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Check Valves, Control Valves, Diaphragm Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Gooseneck Faucets, Needle and Stopcock Valves, Pressure Relief Valves, Solenoid Valves and Strainers and Filters from the following manufacturers: Asahi/America, Banjo, Cepex, Chemtrol®, Georg Fischer, Hayward, Plast-O-Matic, R K Industries and Spears. Electric Flowmeters, Sensors, Controls / Signet®, Flow Meters and Indicators, Gauge Guards, Heat Exchangers / GF Calorplast and Liquid Level Control Systems / Flowline® are all fluid measurement and control products that we carry.

Aetna Plastics is also proud to have custom fabricated tanks and molded plastic tanks in the following styles: Vertical Tanks, Horizontal Tanks, Cone Bottom Tanks, Double Wall Tanks, Open Top Tanks, Containment Basins, Water Tanks, Specialty Water Tanks, Pharmaceutical Tanks and Miscellaneous Tanks from the following manufacturers: Chem-Tainer, Nalgene, and Poly Processing. We also have Tank Liners and Tank Accessories.

Aetna Plastics stocks a wide variety of flexible tubing and components in the following materials: PTFE Tubing, FEP Tubing, PFA Tubing, PVDF Tubing, Polypropylene Tubing, Low Density Polyethylene Tubing, High Density Polyethylene Tubing, Polyurethane Tubing and PVC Tubing. We also have Cam Lever Couplings and Tube Fittings.

We distribute Centrifugal Pumps, Magentic Pumps, Immersible Pumps, Double Diaphragm Pumps, PVC Duct Systems, CPVC Duct Systems, Plastic Blowers, Nalgene Lab Blowers, Fiberglass Shapes and Grating, Fiberglass Strut Systems, Fusion Machines, PVC Cement, CPVC Cement and Piping Accessories.

Aetna Plastics Quality Policy

Aetna Plastics Corp. seeks to create customer value through continuous improvement with respect to product quality and customer satisfaction. It is our commitment to eliminate errors, provide on-time delivery, reduce waste, and improve efficiency as we strive towards sustained growth and prosperity.