We are at the forefront of plating tank fabrication, exclusively specializing in plastic plating tanks for the industrial and commercial sectors. Our expertise lies not just in crafting these tanks, but in tailoring them to suit the specific demands of diverse sectors, including aerospace, automotive, OEM, semiconductor, the electronics industry and more. Our skilled plating tank fabricators leverage the latest in plating tank design to produce tanks that range from the versatile 150-gallon plating tank to the expansive 400-gallon plating tank, all tailored to customer specifications.

Furthermore, our plastic plating tanks aren’t just about capacity – they’re about quality. Our tanks are equipped with robust plating tank liners ensuring durability, while the design considerations make filling plating tanks efficient and hassle-free. For businesses seeking optimal solutions in poly plating tanks, our offerings stand unmatched in quality and design.

There are various plating tanks in total, each serving a specific purpose in the industry.

Types of PLATING Tanks

Standard Rectangular Tanks

  • The most common type, these are versatile and can be used across multiple industries such as automotive and aerospace for general plating processes.

Cone Bottom Tanks

  • Preferred in industries that require frequent and complete tank draining, such as in certain chemical and semiconductor processes.

Double Wall Tanks

  • For added safety against leaks and spills, double wall tanks are ideal for industries that handle highly reactive chemicals, such as the aerospace and medical device sectors.

Polypropylene Tanks

  • Known for their chemical resistance, polypropylene tanks are frequently used in the chemical and electronics industries for plating processes involving aggressive chemicals.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Tanks

  • These are chosen for their durability and resistance to a wide range of chemicals. PVC tanks are commonly used in the aerospace and automotive sectors.

Rinse Tanks

  • Often used post-plating, these tanks are used to rinse off chemicals from the plated items. Essential in electronics and medical devices to ensure cleanliness and purity.

Agitation Tanks

  • These tanks have built-in systems to agitate the solution for even plating. Crucial in the aerospace and automotive industries to ensure consistent and high-quality finishes.

Temperature-Controlled Tanks

  • Designed with systems to maintain or adjust the solution’s temperature. Temperature-controlled tanks are especially important in the semiconductor and electronics industries, where specific temperatures are crucial for desired outcomes.

Custom-Sized Tanks

  • Built specifically to client specifications, these are especially valuable for OEMs and other industries with unique requirements.

Tank Liners

  • Designed with an added layer for increased protection against aggressive chemicals, ensuring prolonged tank life. Tank liners are beneficial in industries like aerospace and automotive, where varied chemicals might be used for different plating tasks.
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